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The degree of systems change envisioned by Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) developers and participants requires simultaneous, coordinated activities at multiple levels, including the district, school, teacher and individual student levels. This multi-level approach to systems change necessitates a multi-level approach to evaluation. MO SPDG evaluators collect data from various stakeholders, including students, school personnel, district personnel, and RPDC personnel.

The focus of the 2012-2017 SPDG encompasses the following two goals:

Goal 1: Improve the educational achievement of all students, but especially students with disabilities through the development, implementation, & evaluation of a targeted system of professional development, which includes training, technical assistance and coaching.
Goal 2: Increase and improve the use of technologies to support implementation of professional development and use of data for effective teaching and learning decision-making.

With all of this in mind

Measures and mechanisms have been established for the 2012-17 SPDG in order to provide a user friendly set of data for schools to accurately assess changes and progress (impact) pertaining to the implementation of academic and behavior supports.

Example Data Graphs

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